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PRESS RELEASE : 10/17/2016

SKELI, an innovative industrial research and development firm, releases specifications on the X11 modular weapons platform. The X11 was designed from the ground up, utilizing every possible engineering advantage to develop the best next-generation carbine platform.

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Weighing in at 6.5 lbs. unloaded, the X11 is one of the lightest piston operated next-generation carbines in the world. The X11 presents notable advantages over its competitors, including a quick-change barrel system for various calibers and configurations, quick and easy maintenance, and an array of modular and ambidextrous features. Caliber changes can be conducted by the operator in under 60 seconds and the quick-change barrel system maintains its zero after repeated removal of different barrel configurations and calibers.  All of the X11 variants utilize a modular interface accessory mounting system. The new patented auto-regulating floating piston system is integrated independently from the barrel structure, making caliber conversions lighter for carry on personnel as well as lowering the overall cost associated with ownership.



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  1. What is the projected release date of the X11? I am interested in placing a preorder for the rifle platform. who would I need to contact?

    1. Hey Brian,

      We will be launching the X11 at SHOT in January, where we will b open up pre-orders for dealers and distributors. We will also compose a list of dealers that will stock the X11.


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